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LeeSsang Albums


LeeSsang? 리쌍? 
I thought you're already know them, but here a little article about them for whoever you that not know them yet:

LeeSsang is a South Korean Hip-hop duo, composed of Kang Hee-gun ("Garie" or "Gary") and Gil Seong-joon ("Gil"). The duo has released eight albums to date: two self-titled records in 2002 and 2003, Library of Soul in 2005, Black Sun in 2007, Baek-a Jeolhyeon (백아절현) in 2009, Hexagonal in late 2009, Asura Balbalta in 2011 and Unplugged in 2012. [source: wikipedia] 

So? What's next? 
I'd love them now. Not your bussiness? Yah,arraseo but it's still better if you know more about them:

Ofcourse, i know LeeSsang from Running Man. Their first song that i heard is You're The Answer To A Guy Like Me, just by heard the intro, i tthought i should love this song. 
These pic on the above is cover of
first Album of LeesSang (LeesSang of Honey Family)

On these album, song that i liked so much is Rush. Ne, if you often watch Running Man, you must know this song.

Rush: This song is featuring with Jung-in. Because of this gorgeous combination, they won Hip-Hop music award from the Mnet KM Music Video Festival. Next
And, I got a little quote from this song: "That small happiness has taught me life’s wisdom with a one pyung life that I can make a 100 pyung happiness is how you think about it"

Here you can download this song: Rush-LeesSang


Next, these pic above is cover of  2nd LeesSang's Album. (Re-development)
On these album, i just attracted to one song, yaps LeesSang Blues. When i heard this single, i felt like i had a more emotional, maybe its bcs Gil took it onto Ballad. And thanks to Gary, i don't know what happend with you so you had a idea to wrote those pretty lyric. And, this single LeesSang feat'ing with Jung-In again. IT'S SO EMOTIONAL,YOU KNOW. *claps*

Here you can download it: LeesSang Blues-LeesSang


3rd Album of LeesSang. (Library of Soul)
It's kinda weird when i find out about 'who's really featured on I'm not really laughing single?'. When i search in wikped and google, most looked up is feat. Ali, but when i trying to download this song, the only one that i found is ft. T.O.P. Then i search this MV on Youtube, and i found something. I concluded that it's officially featuring with Ali, but on the MV of these song, T.O.P is the main model. Ok, i don't care anymore. I still love this song whoever its featured with *waves*.

Other song that i liked on this album is 화가
What a great combination, these song is featured with Tiger JK, Dynamic Duo, and Sean2Slow!

Here you can download it: I'm not really laughing-LeesSang


And the next; 4th Album of LeesSang. (Black Sun)
I don't know much bout this album anyway. But as i know by reading wikped, LeesSang said every single on these album tells us about their life story. And at least they won Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month when 'Ballerino' still in the charts for 4 weeks.
And for a western people,these song has a mexiconian soul/? SO? Ok,skip this topic.

Here you can download it: Ballerino-LeesSang

      **Mianhae, i skip the 5th album, i don't know much that album.**

So, here we go; the 6th Album of LeesSang (Hexagonal)
I'd love LeesSang album from this one to the 8th. Their song on those albums are amazing. I swear~!
Who's know A Girl Who Can't Break-Up A Boy Who Can't Leave here? You're not? You should download it asap,guys. I'm not kidding on you. Seriously, these song is truly easy listening.

  • A Girl Who Can't Break-Up A Boy Who Can't Leave feat. Jung-In: I promise to you, this song is really good! Here you can download it: Download
  • Our Meeting / We Meet Now feat. Jang Gi Ha and The Faces: Maybe you'll laughed to this song when you listen to this for the first time. Because i thought those tone is funny. (?) And in Running Man eps 150, Monday Couple singing this song *cheers* Here you can download it: Download
  • Canvas feat. Tiger JK, Dynamic Duo, and Bizzy B: Lil bit awkward song but it's still SWAG YO MAN! /? Here you can download it: Download
  • Run feat. YB: This song different with the others i thought. Maybe it's occured by drum or so on, i dont know but this song is good listening. Here you can download it: Download

Breakthrough 7th Album of LeesSang (Asura Balbalta)
This spectacular album, within hours of release, all the songs in the album went to occupy the top positions on all charts including Billboard K-Pop Hot 100. What a arcives!
But, its no wonder if you done listening their song of this album. Here i'll chose some Asura Babalta's single to be in your playlist.

  • You're The Answer To A Guy Like Me feat Hareem: Yap, this is the song that i told you before. Just by listen to the intro and Gil first line, you'll interetsed i think. And just FYI, this song stayed at #1 for weeks on VARIOUS music charts. No wonder,this song is truly cool. Here you can download it: Download
  • Turned off the TV feat. Tasha and Kwon Jungyeol: Because i'm not a korean, i don't know the meaning of this lyric. But, i just find out that this song is contented sexual meaning. I don't care anyway, this song is easy listening. Don't blame me,i still love this song *go away* Here you can download it: Download
  • Serenade feat. Dynamic Duo and Windy: Lil bit jazzy,makes a new atmoshpere yo broo. /? I don't know what did i said,this song always makes me sleepy.Hehe. Here you can download it: Download

And the last one (til 2012). Another big breakthrough, 8th Album of LeesSang (Unplugged)
This album is not a joke, all of their songs also entered the charts and stayed there for weeks! Such a perfect arcived! There are some song that booming and SWAG!
  • Seems Like Everybody Changes feat. Jungin, Simon D of Supreme Team, Bobby Kim of Buga Kingz: Ok,take it easy. This song is so soft and makes you wanna close your eyes and peace in a while. /? Here you can download it: Download
  • My Love: Its also ballad song. I like it but why Gil shout 'My love' with that way?! /lol. Curious? Here you can download it: Download 
  • Hard to be Humble: This intro is like Gangster's BGM,lol. I can descripe this song, too absurd. Find out by yourself is a better way. Here you can download it: Download 
  • Pursuing The Hapiness feat. Jo Hyuna: Ballad too. I like this song because its so relaxing, but sometimes when your mood its not in good, maybe you can cry easily just by listening to this freaking song. Here you can download it: Download 


It's done. Now i'll give you some pic of Duo LeesSang.

Oke, take your seat and enjoy! Mianhae if i wrong and sorry if my english is so bad,khamsa^^

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